President’s Message


President's Message

After a long and hot summer’s break, our meetings will begin again in late September, on the last Monday of the month.  Our Program Chairman has a great year of presentations lined up, and the attendance at each meeting continues to reflect the quality of the speakers.  As ARRTOP moves well into its second decade of existence, we are happy see that we seem to be pleasing the crowd!

This past month, MaGerks underwent renovations that removed the sliding door going into our room among other things.  This makes our room considerably noisier then before and will not allow our members to adequately hear presenters.

We were extremely fortunate to be able to a find a location for our September meeting on such short notice.  It will be held at Scoogi’s Classic Italian Kitchen and Bar  738  Bethlehem Pike Flourtown, PA 19031 (less than a mile from Magerks)  next Monday,  September 25 at 7:30PM.  They will provide a quiet private room, opportunity to order food and drinks, and ample parking in the back.

As we work to identify our permanent home (which may or may not be Scoogi), we would certainly appreciate getting your feedback on Scoogis after the meeting.

Thank you for your patience as we work through identifying the best location for our meetings.

Thomas Fleming receives the ARRTOP Benjamin Franklin Lifetime Achievement Award from ARRTOP President Bill Ochester (12/2013)

Unfortunately, one of our most honored friends will no longer come to visit. Our dear friend and supporter, Thomas Fleming, passed away at his home on July 23, 2017, at the age of 90. Over the years, Tom has travelled from New York City many times in order to address our group in Philadelphia, and his presentations were just full of interesting stories and anecdotes.  A prolific writer, he authored over 50 books on the Revolution and other topics in American history, many of which he shared with our group during his visits.  His knowledge, understanding and selfless personality will be missed by all who seek to understand the meaning and relevance of our Nation’s history.

Ever seeking to conquer the electronic poltergeists that try to disturb our presentations, ARRTOP has acquired its own laptop computer for our use at meetings.  Hopefully, we will no longer have to suffer a mismatch of cables, or the inability to allow a presenter to give his program effectively because of computer limitations.

In any case, the Board of the American Revolution Round Table of Philadelphia looks forward to another great season of camaraderie and the return of our friends to meetings on the last Monday of each month.  Be sure to keep in touch with our newly revised web site,, and our Facebook Page to stay informed about upcoming presenters and other news.  Also, be sure to bring a friend!  See you all soon!


Sincerely, quill pen

Bill Ochester, President
American Revolution Round Table of Philadelphia