Book Awards Selections


Here are the rules for any nominations

  • Nominations are accepted from ARRTOP members, publishers, and authors
  • Nominations are accepted through January  31 of the following year (i.e. Nominations for the 2018 Book Award are accepted through January 31, 2019)
  • Publishers and authors are requested to submit 2 copies of their books.
  • Use the contact form at the bottom to send an email to us.

Selection criteria

  • Must be Non-Fiction; Subject related to the American Revolution
  • Must be first published in the previous two years (i.e.  The 2018 Book award considers books first published in either 2017 or 2018)
  • Selection is based on 1) readability to both casual and expert reader, 2) innovation (new subject, new approach, new insight)  3) use of primary and secondary sources, 4) graphics and illustrations


  • The winner and their publisher are notified in April/May of the following year (i.e. Award for the 2018 Book Award is made in April/May 2019).  The selection is also published on the ARRTOP website.

Contact Us:

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