Aug 272022

ARRTOP’s Return to in-person meetings

The ARRTOP board has decided to return to in-person meetings (targeting October for our first in-person meeting).   In evaluating potential venues, the board primarily considered:  1) ability to accommodate 50 to 70 people, 2) food and drink service   3) room logistics and 4) location.

After a large search of the area, we have narrowed our choices to these 2 venues:  Scoogis and Stone & Key Cellars

Scoogis would be a return to our previous venue in the same room. We would have to switch our meeting night from Monday to Wednesday since they are currently closed on Monday and Tuesday.   Additional info (

Pro’s:  1) Full Service Resturant  2) They have Heating/Air Conditioning 3) Much wider menu options  4) A/V Equipment would be there

Con’s  1) Room is smaller than Stone and Key Cellars  2) They charge us a room fee for each meeting  3) Move meetings to Wednesday night

Stone and Key Cellars is a winery and cidery which offers a selection of the wines, local microbrewing beer and Stone and Key Cellars/Boylan Bottling Company non-alcoholic drinks. They are open on Monday with a limited food menu.  Their room is much larger but with no servers.  They also have no HVAC equipment, but have fans and portable heaters.    (photos available on their Facebook page.  They are located at 435 Doylestown Rd in Montgomeryville.  Additional info ( , )

Pro’s: 1) Bigger meeting space   2) No room fee  3) Keep Monday meeting date

Cons’s:  1) Not a full service resturant   2) No Heating/Air Conditioning (but they have fans and heaters)  3) Limited menu options  4) We would need to invest in new A/V Equipment

The Board invites you to provide us your thoughts on these venues prior to September 15 and submit your comments.

As always, your support of ARRTOP is greatly appreciated and we look forward to our long-awaited return to in-person meetings

                                                                          The ARRTOP Board

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    1. I do NOT want to return to Scoogies. The room is way too small for 50 to 70 people. I would feel very uncomfortable going back there, in this Covid environment. I would NOT attend the meetings and would probably drop my membership.

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